The Olde Country Cupboard

Prim Patterns

Prim Patterns are $10.00 each
$9.00 each for 3 or more!

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#461 Olde Prairie Angel
27” Prairie Angel holding embroidery


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#460 Tattered Angel
18” Raggedy Angel and pillow


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#459 Precious Memories Annie
10” Annie w/ 10 sawdust filled heart.


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#458 Raggedy Bobbins
Raggedy Ann ,Andy and bear on wood bobbin. Approx. 15” tall


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#457 Prim Gingerbread Garland
6”-9” gingerbread on a rag garland.


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#456 Holiday Bobbins
Santa, Snowman, and reindeer on wood bobbin approx. 15" -17"


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#455 Prairie Girls
5"-7" dolls on paper mache' box.


#451 Prim Snowman ornaments
9" -10" snowman ornaments


#452 My Country Raggedys
18" Raggedies with a patriotic theme


#453 Olde Santa Makedo
Prim Santa on a wood bobbin approx. 16"


#450 Simple Pumpkins
7" 9" and 14" painted and distressed muslin pumpkins.


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#454 Prim Santa's
Prim Santa and ornament size. approx. 12" tall and ornament approx. 7"


#449 Santa's Mailbag
a 9" x 13 bag with candlelight and letters to santa with a little mouse.


#448 Winter Friends
Snowman sitter with mouse peeking around his hat. approx. 13" x19" weight to sit flat.


#447 Snowball Fight
Snowman head with lil 'mice having a snowball fight on his hat. approx. 13" x 19".


#443 Twas the night before Christmas
Lil' Mouse in a bed with mattress, pillow, book and lil brother.


#444 Snooping Dog
7" x 14" dog w/ head in stocking. This is for the dog's body only, dog's head stuck in santa hat.


#445 Henry
14" x 18" scarecrow head


#446 Christmas Countdown
Little Elf in a wood box with electric candlelight with tree, reindeer and label.


#442 The Olde Scarecrow
36" scarecrow with bag of corn


#441 Annie's Christmas
18" Annie with tree on bobbin


#438 Snowpal
20" snowman with pouch


#439 Miz Ruby
29" black doll w/stitchery pillow


#440 Prairie doll bagholder
23" prairie doll with chicken bagholder


#436 Puppy Love
Puppy in a 12' heart with bone


#437 Winter Wonderland
28" Snowman w/icicles


#434 Santa's Sleigh
A 7" Santa in a wooden box with reindeer and candle light.


#432 Letters to Santa
10" Santa head on wreath with letters to Santa.


#433 Simple Angel
36" Simple angel w/tree and stocking.


The Olde Country Cupboard
#431 Father Christmas
35" santa w/star and candy cane

#430 Mr. Jingles
27" Santa holding candy cane

The Olde Country Cupboard
#429 Emma
34" Simple prim doll with stocking

#428 Reindeers in Flight
2 sizes of reindeer,6"-10"

The Olde Country Cupboard
#427 Christmas Cones
Santa and Snowman made on 7" paper mache cones.

#426 Santa's Reindeer
5"-10" size, ornament, plant poke and wreath size Reindeers

The Olde Country Cupboard
#425 Christmas Santa
3 Santas, clothespin santa,
and 2 Santas made on wood bobbins 5"-12"

#424 Trees of the Season
12"-18" Trees on a wood
spindle base w/printed songs labels

The Olde Country Cupboard
#423 Pumpkin Patch Wreath
Pumpkins, flowers and crow
on an 18" wreath

#422 Scarecrow Hank
approx. 30" scarecrow with crows

The Olde Country Cupboard
#419 Sadie
26" black doll holding candle light

#420 Olde Thyme Christmas ornaments
8"- 12" primitive ornaments

The Olde Country Cupboard
#421 The Raggedy's
7" Raggedy Heads on rusty
springs w/stitchery pillow

#400 Wynter Snowman
25" Snowman head made from
stained batting and felt

The Olde Country Cupboard
#401 Olde St. Nicholas
26" Santa head made from
batting and muslin

#402 Christmas Raggedies
Raggedy heads on wood base 
approx. 16" tall

The Olde Country Cupboard
#403 Christmas Elf
14" Elf head on wreath
w/fabric candy canes

#404 Santa's Lil' Helper
16" elf

The Olde Country Cupboard
#405 Saint Nicholas
28" Santa

#406 Annie loves Christmas
13" Annie on a 16" candy cane

The Olde Country Cupboard
#407 Ol' Santa Wreath
14" Santa head on wreath
w/muslin stars

#408 Prim Snowman wreath
16" Snowman head on wreath
w/muslin stars

The Olde Country Cupboard
#409 Waiting for Santa
4" Mouse head in rusty can, with stitchery pillow , little mouse and letter template 

#410 Snowman Welcome Light Box
2 snowman in box with tree and welcome light. approx. 5" x 14"

The Olde Country Cupboard
#411 Preston Scarecrow
22" fall scarecrow. that has been distressed. Includes crow and flower

#412 Olde Thyme Santa
19" Freestanding Santa, body and hat
is painted and distressed. Pattern includes directions for making tree

The Olde Country Cupboard
#413 Olde Thyme Snowman
20" Prim Snowman with tree

#414 Merry Christmas
10" x 13" Santa sitter w/tree
and small pillow

The Olde Country Cupboard
#415 Prim Stockings
12" Painted Prim stockings and mice

#416 Primitive Pumpkins
5" and 9" prim pumpkins
with Sunflower and crows

The Olde Country Cupboard
#417 Winter Snowmen
9" prim snowmen with
star and candy canes

#418 Mr. Frost
20" Snowman makedo with
bag of candy canes

The Olde Country Cupboard
#222 Prim Bear with small pillow

#216 Santa In A Can

#221 10" Bear

#220 Prim Mason Jar Ladies

#219 A Simple Christmas

The Olde Country Cupboard  
#212 Scarecrow in Can

#217 Christmas Mice

The Olde Country Cupboard  The Olde Country Cupboard 
#214 Santa Kleenex Cover Up

#213 Wynter Bobbins

The Olde Country Cupboard The Olde Country Cupboard The Olde Country Cupboard
#211 Sammy Scarecrow

#210 Raggedy Kleenex Cover

#209 Cat Pin Cushion

#208 Abigail

#207 Santas Clothesline

#206 Wash Day

#205 Bunny Can

#204 Peter Rabbit
12” x 14” rabbit sitter made
out of sherpa fur.

#203 Bear Hugs
a 19’ Bear with valentine heart

#202 Valentine pincushion
8” heart with mice and letter

#200 Snowman Bagholder
25" snowman bagholder made
from warm and natural

#201 Prim Christmas ornaments
Santa and Snowman ornaments
approx. 8"-9" tall.

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